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Troubleshoot slow game

ou may have a moderate download speed in case you’re encountering one of the accompanying manifestations:

Your establishment is setting aside a long opportunity to finish.

The advance bar for your download or refresh hasn’t progressed for some time.

In case you’re having issues interfacing with your system or you’re getting mistakes identified with organize availability, attempt the Xbox One Network Connection Error Solution.


The accompanying advances will help distinguish whether there’s an issue with your system while downloading a diversion or application on your Xbox One reassure and demonstrate to you best practices to enhance organize speed.

Arrangement 1: Check the download speed

Take after these means:

Parchment Installing… <the diversion title you’re downloading>.

In the “Line” segment of My recreations and applications, take note of the download speed appeared on the amusement or application that is being introduced. This shows the current download speed. In case you’re seeing moderate velocities (for instance, under 1 megabit for every second), it might set aside quite a while for the download to finish.

The table beneath speaks to evaluated download times in light of current download speed.

Note This data is proposed as a guide just, not a genuine portrayal of download time. Transfer speed will be obliged and download time will increment amid exercises, for example, gushing substance, playing diversions, or amusement spilling from your Xbox One to a Windows 10 PC.

In case you’re introducing a 40-GB record and it’s 25 percent downloaded (30 GB remaining) and your association speed is 10 Mb/s, it should take around 4.4 hours for the download to finish. (This expect the download speed remains the same.)

While associate with Xbox Live, your association speed ought to be no less than 1.5 Mb/s for the best involvement. For more data about transfer speed utilization or to investigate your system association, see the Xbox One Network Connection Error Solution.

Arrangement 2: Close any running diversions

To give the best gaming knowledge, foundation downloads are compelled while a diversion is running. To expel download requirements from amusements or applications being introduced, you can either sit tight for the Xbox One to suspend the running diversion, or you can compel recreations to close by doing the accompanying:

On the Home screen, explore to your most as of late run diversion.

With the diversion chose, press the Menu catch and select Quit.

Once you’ve shut the most as of late run amusement:

Check the speed at which your amusement or application is downloading.

To abstain from abating your download, don’t dispatch any recreations or applications until your download has finished.

Arrangement 3: Restart your support

Press the Xbox catch to open the guide.

Select System > Restart support.

Select Yes to affirm. This will consequently stop any current downloads, which will continue once the comfort is restarted.

Note If you can’t get to the Guide or if the support seems, by all accounts, to be solidified, press and hold the Xbox catch on the comfort for around 10 seconds, until the point that the reassure kills. After the reassure close down, contact the Xbox catch on the support again to restart.

When you restart your comfort, all open applications and diversions are shut. Once your reassure has restarted, check that your downloads have continued by doing the accompanying:

On the Home screen, open My diversions and applications.

Select Queue and feature the diversion or application you’re attempting to download.

The diversion or application should appear as Installing.

On the off chance that the status appears as Queued or Paused, select the amusement or application, press the Menu catch, and after that select Resume establishment.

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